Workshop Topics

  • Personal Finance Reset
  • Adulting: A Plan for Financial Adulthood
  • Surviving Student Loan Debt
  • The Merger: Love & Money
  • In Transition: Redefine Your Relationship with Money
  • Baby Boomers and Retirement
  • Custom Group / Organization Workshops

As an educator, I develop and provide workshops and training programs for women.

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Personal Finance Reset

Did you wake up this morning and suddenly realize your financial life is a mess? This workshop will help you improve your financial management skills by exploring and challenging your money beliefs, identifying your values, and connecting them to your life goals.

Adulting: A Plan for Financial Adulthood

Don’t be tempted to blow your first real paycheck on the newest, shiniest stuff! Understand your expenses, learn to pay yourself first, and begin planning for retirement (yes, you should start NOW).

Surviving Student Loan Debt

Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about paying off your student loans? Recent changes in federal law are making it harder for borrowers to stay the course. Learn about these changes, strategies for managing your emotions, and develop an actionable plan for paying off student loans.

The Merger: Love & Money

Perhaps you slid into living together, or you made a conscious decision to commit to your partner for a lifetime. How will you handle money decisions? Come down off that oxytocin high of love and learn how to manage your relationship like a business.

In Transition: Redefine Your Relationship with Money

Have you moved to a new area, started a new job, or ended a relationship? A transition is a good opportunity to reorganize your financial life.

Baby Boomers and Retirement

Have you noticed that people are no longer taking the usual path to retirement? Identify your second act by exploring alternative routes and determine how to revise your financial plan.


I will work with your organization to develop workshops and training that help your employees or members save for retirement, lower debt and increase access to good credit, reduce spending, and improve cash flow. I use insights from psychology and behavioral economics to educate and help your employees or members develop positive financial behaviors. Together, we can identify the needs of your for-profit, non-profit, or professional organization; assess the best type of program for your employees; and, design an actionable training program for your work setting.

The financial landscape is shifting quickly: We are living longer than previous generations, saving less and carrying more debt, taxes continue to rise and Social Security is at risk. Plus, more employees than ever won’t have access to traditional pension plans, fully funded healthcare, retiree medical insurance, and even the expectation of long term employment. Financial stress contributes to both mental and physical health issues.

Financial well-being is good for your organization. The changing benefits landscape requires employees to not only take control of their careers but also their financial health. Offering a financial wellness program that focuses on both education and behavioral changes will help your employees or members develop better financial habits. By providing this employee benefit, you will become an “employer of choice” in your industry.

If you have a group or organization that would like a workshop delivered on site, I’m happy to accommodate. I can also provide corporate workshops and/or consulting. Just click Schedule a Consultation to get started.