Photo of mother holding baby Emery who needs a 529 plan
Patricia Fox

Time to Open a 529 Plan: Welcome to the World, Emery Preston!

Sierra and Steve welcomed a baby boy, Emery Preston, on December 18, 2017! My first thought was we need to open a 529 plan! Just kidding. My first thought was Mama and baby are healthy! Then I thought about the 529 plan. Basics of the 529 Plan A 529 plan, also known as qualified a […]
Image of Sierra and Patty on her wedding day. Not discussing wedding budget.
Patricia Fox
  • 28 Nov 16
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Wedding Budget Update: Over Budget and Under Budget

The wedding budget update is complete! Sierra prepared a budget very soon after getting engaged and adjusted it regularly. Her vendors have been paid and she is settling into married life. I asked her how her budget looked post-wedding. Did you go over your wedding budget? Unfortunately, yes. I think we ended up spending closer […]
mother daughter money scranton
  • 1 Oct 16
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Welcome to Mother Daughter Money!

Mother Daughter Money was conceived in November 2015. I had become interested in financial therapy, behavioral economics, and personal finance. As I was walking one morning, I was thinking about how to add financial therapy and coaching services to my psychology practice. I was also thinking about conversations with Sierra as she was planning her […]