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We’re Back!

MotherDaughterMoney has been on an unintentional hiatus. Life got busy. Sierra is now mother to an engaging two-year-old boy. I have a busy psychology practice. We continue to talk about money, both how we spend and why we spend. Now we’re back. But life if very different at this moment. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting […]
Photo of mother holding baby Emery who needs a 529 plan
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Time to Open a 529 Plan: Welcome to the World, Emery Preston!

Sierra and Steve welcomed a baby boy, Emery Preston, on December 18, 2017! My first thought was we need to open a 529 plan! Just kidding. My first thought was Mama and baby are healthy! Then I thought about the 529 plan. Basics of the 529 Plan A 529 plan, also known as qualified a […]
Grads with Student Debt
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Managing Student Loan Debt – A Guide for New Grads

Okay, so maybe you’re not a new grad. Maybe you’re a recent college grad. Or, maybe you’re a freshman, newly in debt with a student loan. Regardless, you need a plan. What new money habits do you need to develop? That depends. Have you been financially dependent on your parents? Did you have a job while you were in […]
Cost of Pregnancy and Delivery
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Managing Costs of Pregnancy and Delivery

Sierra is doing her best to budget for the cost of pregnancy and delivery. Much to her frustration, she hasn’t found a dependable source for estimating costs. According to Money, the cost of delivering a baby in the hospital ranged from $1,189 to $11,986. I’m thankful that she has health insurance from her employer. In […]
Image of woman with phone and calendar conducting business activities, like multi-level marketing.
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  • 5 Dec 16
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Multi-Level Marketing: LulaRoe & Young Living Essential Oils

My friend recently posted a photo of her and her daughter wearing matching leggings. I love seeing this friend’s Facebook updates – she delights in being a parent to her daughter, Lexi. The leggings were by LuLaRoe and I’d been noticing several of my friends posting about the brand, especially photos of the leggings. I […]
  • 15 Nov 16
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Wedding Budget – Searching for the Final Review

Where’s the final review of the wedding budget?  Getting Sierra to share a final review of the wedding budget is proving to be a challenge. Sierra and Steve have now been married for about 2 1/2 months. I’ve asked her several times to write about her wedding budget, post-nuptials though I’m pretty sure she ignored my […]
Wedding budget was successfully revised. Sierra and Steve on a dock at sunset on their wedding day.
  • 29 Oct 16
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Wedding Budget Revised – Splurges & Cost Cutting

The wedding budget has been revised many times. Sierra splurged on the items most important to her, and to them as a couple. That meant she had to engage in cost cutting measures to stay within budget. With just a few weeks before the wedding, Sierra describes their splurges and cost cutting. What wedding budget […]
Sierra makes a wedding budget. Bouquet by Monzies Floral.
  • 15 Oct 16
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How to Make a Wedding Budget as A Broke Millennial

Making a wedding budget was the very first thing Sierra did after she and Steve got engaged in January 2015. Initially, they talked about traveling to an island and getting married with a handful of family and friends in attendance. As her mother, I REALLY wanted to her to have a wedding but also wanted […]
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  • 1 Oct 16
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Welcome to Mother Daughter Money!

Mother Daughter Money was conceived in November 2015. I had become interested in financial therapy, behavioral economics, and personal finance. As I was walking one morning, I was thinking about how to add financial therapy and coaching services to my psychology practice. I was also thinking about conversations with Sierra as she was planning her […]